A Visit with Mildred

Me & Mildred

I recently went to visit Mildred in her new home. I wrote about her in my very first blog which you can read by clicking here.  Mildred hiked the Long Trail in 1943 on her honeymoon with her husband.  Mildred is now 96 years young and has been living alone for some time.  Her husband passed a while back.  She recently moved into a retirement village.  My pal Seven had been helping her prepare for the move by going thru stuff and getting her place ready for sale and thats how I got involved cause Seven asked me to come help and in that process, Mildred and I connected about hiking.

Here they are on top of Mount Mansfield (the highest peak in Vermont which the Long Trail goes over) in 1943.  Check out their shoes!  and matching shirts!

Mildred on Mansfield

And here is their framed End-To-Enders Patches with an old school map of the Long Trail with Mount Mansfield in the background.

 (If and when I complete my hike, I will have the exact same patch!!!)

Mildred's End-To-Ender Patched

Lastly, here is a most precious picture of Mildred and Seven (kindred spirits).  Mildred took us on a hike inside her new village.  There are thousands of folks living there and the village is huge and made of up of many buildings that all connect via these indoor bridges so we got to walk a few miles going to brunch and back.


One thought on “A Visit with Mildred

  1. Tam what an amazing story and inspiring woman! I loved the photos of Mildred and her husband! Thanks for sharing Mildred with all of us, readers.

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