16 Miles in the Blue Hills

On Monday Stud and I attempted to do the entire skyline as a loop because it seemed like a fun challenge and because doing the skyline trail from end to end requires two cars and we never feel motivated to take two cars to the blue hills.

So instead we parked at the West end up past the Trailside Museum.  We made it about 8 miles when we decided to turn around.  I think we could have done the whole thing but it just didn’t feel totally necessary and we did want to save some power for the return trip in which we took some flatter terrain.

We’ve been wanting to do this for a while and then Monday came and it felt like being in the woods for half a day with a close friend and a solid companion was the only thing I really could do.  It was also an opportunity for us to train a little for Mount Washington!

Tomorrow I turn 38 years young and so tonight I am headed up to the Joe Dodge Lodge with Stud and Ayla where we reserved some bunks so that we can wake up at the foot of Mount Washington and try to hike up.  Ayla and Stud have never climbed Mount Washington and I am so grateful and excited to share this incredibly holy place with my dear ones.  We are headed up Tuckermans Ravine and we haven’t decided out descent route yet.  Either Lions Head or the Boot Spur probably.  Of course the mountain may decide for us.  Staying humble and trying to not ever get attached to summiting but I’m really hoping to get up top and enjoy the spring flowers in the Alpine zone.

I just went from flip phone to iphone thanks to a hand-me-down gift from some friends.  It only took me about two month to activate it!  Its a bittersweet change but I’m really excited about taking pictures with it.

Travis and I have started to do some food prep for the Long Trail.  Its overwhelming but its in process.  Next week will be a lot of cooking and dehydrating and gathering.  If I had to hike off tomorrow I almost could.  I can’t believe I am in the final two months before we depart.  Surreal.

4 thoughts on “16 Miles in the Blue Hills

  1. I’ve reached the summit of Mount Washington twice. Once via Tuckerman’s Ravine and the second via Huntington…It’s an amazing, gorgeous mountain. Enjoy!!!

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