Resupply Packing Party!

Food is packed and ready to go. Ayla helped me mix up the biggest bowl of gorp I have ever made in my life and encourage me to add some M&Ms to make it look more exciting.  It’s got almonds, cashews, peanuts, raisins, chocolate covered blueberries, chocolate covered cherries, banana chips, and peanut butter M&Ms and I’ve got 2 gallons of it.

I split up all my food into five piles, one for each section.  Each section is about 60 miles give or take.  The last three supplies will be mailed to the local post offices in the towns we will be resting in.  The first supply will be in our backpack and the second supply will be in Stud’s car which will be conveniently located 54 miles south of the start of our hike.

Travis and Stud came over and we sorted all of our dinners. Some of them still needed to be bagged or needed vegetables added.  There was also some last-minute shopping and gathering of last-minute supplies like batteries for my headlamp.

I honestly thought it would take us maybe an hour to pack these boxes. We ended up spending an entire day sorting, packing, gathering and just making decisions about things like how much soy milk powder for this section and how when we expect to run out of floss.

I know that in the end none of these smaller details matter and once I’m out on the trail I will make do. I’ll either run out of things and get to have that experience or I’ll have too much stuff and get to maybe pass it along to some other hiker who could use an extra something or other.

Two weeks to go. It’s feeling real.

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