Journeys End Bound!

Most people hike the Long Trail from south to north. The guidebooks and maps are designed for Northbounders.  Since the southern section of the trail is less rugged and has less elevation gain, it gives hikers a chance to built up their hiking legs to prepare for the harder stuff in the north.  I am hiking it south because I like the idea of hiking towards my home state of Massachusetts and also because I am so excited for the big mountains and the remoteness of the northern half!  Since most of my hiking experience has been in the White Mountains I’m use to feeling like I’ve been shot out of a cannon so bring on the ups and downs. I’ve avoided checking the weather but Travis told me there are thunderstorms predicted all week.  Also I got my period.  Haha! It begins…


8 thoughts on “Journeys End Bound!

  1. Oh my gosh! I am so loving these pictures! You (Cariboose), Bear Bait and Kermit. So precious! Keep it coming. And lesson learned: save a drop of water till you find the next source? Should I apply that to LIFE?

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