Day 1: Journeys End to Jay Peak. 10.8 miles

After a long travel day we found our way to the Journeys End Camp.  I chugged my only litter of water and then we walked to the water source and it was dry.  Our shuttle driver told us to fill or water whenever possible since the trail is very dry due to the drought.  We hiked downstream and found a trickle and were able to fill our waters.  We played some tunes on the porch belting out the words to John Denver and went to bed around 8.  Travis set up his new hammock and Stud and I braved the shelter.  Stud read to me from the Outsiders until we got very sleepy. We turned off our headlamps and started to drift off when we heard the scurry of a mouse. We both sat up and flicked on our headlamps to see the mouse running along the rafters sticking it’s little nose out smelling our food.  Our food was hung well and we decided to ingore the mouse.  I put in some ear plugs in and started to drift off. I was awoken by the mouse running across my arm.  We decided to leave the shelter and set up the tent which was a great idea because it was so hot and there was almost a slight breeze outside. We left the rain fly off and drifted off with the stars above.

This morning at 7:25am we were at    The Long Trail Terminus.  The sun was out the Moss was green and we had a lovely hike over a few mountains.  We passed some Northbound thru-hikers who were finishing The Long Trail today. Everyone was in great spirits. We also met a group of 4 women in their 60s from Canada who have been slowly section hiking the long trail for the last eight years and had one more day to go.  They were great and we sat and chatted with them at one of the shelters during an afternoon break. 

We decided to do a last push up Jay Peak which is a ski resort and runs their tram in the summer for tourists to ride to the top. We hiked up just before they closed the lodge at the top. Flush toilets! Running water! We cleaned ourselves up before they shut down and now we are camping up here with wifi. There is suppose to be loads of shooting stars!!!!

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