Trail Magic at its finest

Something happens when you strip away all the complexities of everyday life and break it down to the basics of just walking with nothing but your essentials on your back.  The flow of connectivity and energy becomes tangible in profound ways. 

Some call it trail magic, or karma, or paying it forward, or god, etc…It can all be summed up to say that the trail provides.

It’s an incredible privilege to be able to go on a thru-hike.  I am blessed to be able to take a month off and be on this wild adventure.  It’s strange to be in the heart of the green mountains and know that I walked here.  I’ve experienced so much generosity from strangers.  Like this guy gave me his water on top of camels hump. Another guy offered us water and snacks in a parking lot on the trail. It’s strange to experience brief feelings of desperation and vulnerability when I have so much and I chose to be out here and I’m basically on a hiking vacation of a lifetime.  Yet people want to help me and sometimes I need help and I accept it as graciously as i can.

Today we decided to go into Rutland to get a few supplies. I decided to get a new air mat since my 15 year old mat leaks and I’ve been waking up on the ground for the past week.  Being on foot in rural areas is limiting. It’s easy to hitch with a full pack on but much harder without. Fortunately there is a bus that goes down route 4 into Rutland so we decided to take the bus. We missed it by a minute and even though it wasn’t coming for another hour we were so happy to just frolick on the front lawn of the Inn.  We were goofing around and contently hanging out when this hiker we had met at the last shelter before here came strolling up and offered us her minivan since she and her husband had two cars cuz they had been out section hiking.  What?!? A car?!?? Seriously?!?! I was overwhelmed by her trust and generosity.  We drove into town and were able to run all our errands so much easier as a result. The co-op and the outdoors store were miles apart and walking on asphalt after hiking for miles is not a pleasant experience.

Thanks Kim!!!!! 

10 thoughts on “Trail Magic at its finest

  1. So reviving, you discovered that the trail does provide!! It comes through when you are most in need. Many people just don’t get this. It’s the magical part of a thru-hike that gives the positive feeling that hikers all around look out for fellow hikers. The Long Trail is one great big support system.
    Hike on knowing
    “You must do the things you think you cannot do.”
    -Eleanor Roosevelt

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