Good Morning Winter

Seven texts me at 6:18AM to see if I’m up.  I am!  I find my long johns, gloves, hat, rain gear and ski down the sidewalk to Seven’s house and off we go towards the Arboretum! We  waddle like ducks across a few intersections scraping over the plowed asphalt on our skis.  Thats the great thing about old xcountry skis salvaged from the trash or craigslist…you can scrape em up on the city sidewalks and streets and not care.  Once in the Arboretum it feels like I’m no longer in the city.  My favorite spot is the Pines!  The ground is soft and there are lots of hills and the snow on the trees muffle the sound of the road.  We find the hills and try to “bomb” them flailing along trying to stay upright.  Feels like we are going like 50mph down the hills but we’re probably going less then a 1/2 mph.  We wipe out often…usually while just standing still trying to chat and the face-plant happens very fast. Laughing makes getting up very challenging.  Then we ski home to our respective homes to shovel.

Tomboys With Tools Skis.

The Pines In The Arboretum

If we get some real snow we’ll get to do this again!

(This was from 2 years ago when there were feet and feet of snow!  and Sun!)

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