Went for a lovely little loop on the skyline trail in the Blue Hills with a new hiker friend named 5e (pronounced five-eee).  We hiked leisurely chatting away about stuff that adult tomboys talk about.  There was a little ice on the trail which was totally avoidable but also kind of exciting.  There were some views and I felt relieved from constant a low level anxiety I’ve been feeling the minute I got in the woods.

I talked to Bear Bait on the phone and schemed about future adventures, processed past trials and tribulations, life angst and talked about deep stuff that tomboys talk about.  We reminisced about the Long Trail.

Seven helped me move a big pile of sticks.  We loaded up the little pick-up and then headed to the yard waste dump which is like a mountain range of mulch, leaves, wood chips and brush.  Some of the mulch mountains have “roads” up them meaning slopey ramp-like sections with tire tracks.  Otherwise the mulch mountains are tidy with steep walls.  We laid the sticks to rest among their great great great grandparent logs.

Then we went for an epic walk in the cemetery where we admired the holiday offerings on the grave stones.  We saw a hawk pretty close up.  It pooped and I inspected it but there was nothing much to see there.

Seven asked me if I would be willing to help her do something weird.  I obliged without knowing what it was.  Seven’s deceased neighbor had offered their Mary Statue before they died but it needed to be extricated from a stone base.

Mission Move Mary was in effect.

We attempted to chisel it off which was but slow going but somewhat productive.  Seven got out the big guns (a concrete drill hammer thing) and walla!  Mary was freed and will have a new home in Seven’s garden.

Seven and I visited Mildred (who hiked the Long Trail in 1943).  I got to show her pictures of my long trail hike of 2016.  She showed us the aftermath of how the sun hit her chrystal ball and set the corner of her crossword puzzle on fire. 

I had an incredibly insightful Astrology reading.  It was the first time I inquired about a professional reading of any kind.  My mind is full of marinating ideas and my planets are aligning in ways that support whatever it is that is brewing inside of me.  I am in an intense transition towards living my most authentic identity breaking free from the shadows of other people and things.  It turns out that I am resilient as fuck and I got mad skills that I have been previously viewing as weaknesses. 🌌

On a sad note, I read that an experienced and prepared 26 year old Massachusetts hiker died on Bondcliff on Xmas Eve most likely from hypothermia as they were found on the exposed ridge line with their jacket unzipped and on upside down.  My heart goes out to his friends and family.  I haven’t been able to shake this story.  I was just recently considering a solo winter hike.  But hypothermia is creepy and this tragedy gave me pause. I’d like to think that I’d catch the warning signs like if I started uncontrollably shivering but what happens when you stop thinking clearly and are no longer able to make sound decisions?  I don’t ever want to take for granted having hiking companions that I can trust to stop me if I start slurring my speech and force me out of my wet clothes and into dry clothes and force me to stop and drink and eat.  R.I.P. Jack Holden



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