Womens March on Washington

img_1511img_1422-1On The Washington Mall with my pals

img_1540This was the biggest protest in US history.  It was ignored by mainstream media but we all could have predicted that.img_1538-1img_1534-1img_1532-1img_1516-1img_1443img_1456img_1427img_1449img_1491img_1557img_1554-1There were over half a million marchers.  img_1442Angela Davis as The Statue Of Liberty, a personal fav.img_1450Seven attempts a dialogue with a group holding signs that say “Feminism Destroys Families”.  One of the sign holders identified himself as a feminist saying that he’ll give us equal pay if we’ll stop killing babies.  There was no shouting or swearing or name calling thus potential for productive dialogue.  Then, another person from their group referenced the bible in order to justify some homophobic rhetoric.  Seven responded, referencing the bible, and asked him for his virgin daughter.  He told us we were interpreting the bible wrong.  We moved on.img_1499-1Yes that signs says “GAY:  Got Aids Yet”  Haven’t scene that sign in some years.  We chanted “Love Trumps Hate”  drowning out the megaphones that told us we were going to hell.img_1543A punk band in a nearby park

We were outside marching and milling for about 8 hours.  We were fortunate to have a really nice place to stay with friends just 2 miles from the march.  We had a fun road trip to and from Boston to D.C.  There was productive conversation in the car, on the streets and at the after parties.  There was also plenty of unproductive banter from all sides.  Overall it gave me hope and left me feeling empowered and motivated and clear about my next steps of resistance on my micro level.   One thing is clear, we must unite and support each other in order to resist.img_1495-1img_1474

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