Feeding One Bird with One Scone

Most of my life I have taken pride in my ability to multi-task and be efficient and I’m always trying to feed two birds with one scone.  My tagline for my HandyTam business is “Pleasant, Efficient, and Reliable”.  But the truth is, I’m somewhat pleasant, fairly efficient, and mostly reliable.   Sometimes I’m none of those things.

What I have discovered is that in my effort to maximize efficiency, I quickly forget whats most important.  In my attempt to check off an item from my never ending to-do list, I can miss out on the subtle beauty and amazement that is right in front of me.

I have been trying to slow down and make more space to practice singular-tasking.  I been doing some serious re-prioritizing and taking some inventory of the whos, whats, wheres, whys and whens.  My focus has been shifting as I try to make decisions from a more intentional place.

I’ve been walking more and trying to not be driven by car-related errands where it would be more efficient to drive and get 3-4 things done in an hour.  I’ve been walking to things that are miles away and require more time as a result.  You could say that I am feeding two birds with one scone in that I am going somewhere while also going nowhere while also taking care or my brain and heart and spirit at the same time…

A recent stroll through my local arboretum on my way from Jamaica Plain to Roslindale (where I needed to buy ink for my printer so I could do my taxes).

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