A brisk walk in the Lincoln Woods

My beloved and I are visiting family in New Hamshire this weekend.  Woke up in a tiny cabin to -20 windchill and rallied to go for a walk in the Lincoln Woods.

Our eyelashes froze.  The river was icy and raging.  The snow was squeaky.  It was delightful.

6 thoughts on “A brisk walk in the Lincoln Woods

  1. I’ve heard the recent melt flood undermined the banks pretty bad in the usual spot on that side. Did you make it out to the section where they put up the wood rail fence? I’m told some of the fence was falling in and I’m hoping the next flood doesn’t take that whole area out. Going to have to climb a big hill if that area gets closed down for safety which would spoil that nice walk for those who can’t do hills. I’ve seen some very young and very old folks on that trail because it is so flat 🙂

    • I didn’t notice or I didn’t get the far down the trail. But yeah it would be a bummer to loose a section of flat cuz that trail is so accessible.

  2. OMG Tam,
    You have such grand adventures. I admire you for getting out when it is so cold out. We have had the warmest winter I can ever remember down here in Florida. We have used the lanai constantly. Normally we are unable to use it for a few months during winter, but not this yr and that is where I am currently writing you from.

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