Black Eyed Birthday

Today I turned 39 years young.  To celebrate I am getting Wilderness First Aid Certified!  It’s a 16 hour long class broken into 2 days.  The Nols instructors are talented make-up artists and cover us with bruises and cuts and fake blood.  Then we do lots of simulated backcountry accident scenarios in which we practice newly learned wilderness medicine tools by assessing various circumstances, checking vital signs and determining injuries and arranging emergency evacuations.  

It’s a weird thing to do on my birthday that was just when the timing worked.  I wanted to do it close to home and this session takes place at the Boston Audubon Nature Preserve in Mattapan.  It’s a beautiful place and we do lots of the training outside lying in the grass pretending to be disoriented and dehydrated.  It’s pretty funny but also kinda stressful.  It’s a lot to remember but I have to say I do feel empowered having the knowledge.

After my long first day of wilderness medicine training I came home to a festive birthday dinner with my dear ones and some really sweet gifts.  

8 more hours of backcountry life saving skills tomorrow and then I’ll be certified!  

13 thoughts on “Black Eyed Birthday

  1. Wilderness First Aid…How cool…although it is weird seeing the fake injuries!! And may the last year in your thirties be just as you hope them to be.

    • Thanks Doris! Yes the fake injuries were a bit morbid and I did squirm at some of the examples. Had to remind myself that it was all fake a few times!

    • Nope. Getting CPR and First AID Certified prior to signing up for a Wilderness 1st AID course does help in understanding options when learning about assessing a patient but it’s not required. I took the course with NOLS and the instructors were very professional and fun. I highly recommend it! I also got to meet a room full of outdoor enthusiasts which can sometimes be challenging but I did meet some very cool down to earth folks who I may even end up going hiking with!

        • Oh awesome! Good for you! I definitely feel empowered having the knowledge. The NOLs Instructors were some of the best facilitators I’ve scene in a while. It’s a lot of information and we will forget most of it but if we remember an ounce of it in the moment we could make a difference out there whether it’s healing a blister faster, setting a bone and helping Evac someone in distress.

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