• Elevation: 4,265 Feet
  • Location: Lincoln, NH
  • Dates Hiked: July 2011, June 2015
  • Companions: 
    • Bear Bait, Kael, Goose (July 2011)
    • Stud (June 2015)
  • Trails: Lincoln Woods, Bondcliff Trail

My first time up Bondcliff in 2011 was a Day Bike Hike.  Since the Lincoln Woods Trail use to be a logging railroad, it’s very flat and its possible to ride the first few miles on a bike!  We road as far as we could and then locked our bikes to some trees and then hiked up the Bondcliff Trail.  It was cloudy and there were no views.  Cold rain and wind started to pick up on the ridge so after summiting Bondcliff we decided not to continue up to Mount Bond and instead we chose to turn around and head back down.

My second time on Bondcliff in 2015 was on a 3-day Backpacking trip with Stud where we hiked into the Pemigewasset Wilderness on the Franconia Brook Trail up to the Garfield Ridge and then headed clockwise camping at Garfield and Guyot.  Our last morning we summited Bondcliff early and had it all to ourselves with views for miles.