YOSEMITE Vernal Falls and Nevada Falls, Spring 2009

In the Spring of 2009 Travis and I camped in Yosemite and hiked up some of the falls.  We went up as far as we could until we hit snow and then saw a few warning signs for mountain lions.  So we turned back.  Yosemite is known for bears.  We had an unrestful night hearing other campers bang pots and pans to deter the bears that were wandering thru the campsites looking for food.  We took precautions and locked all our food in the bear boxes provided on the camp sites along with anything scented like toothpaste and toiletries.  The ranger told us that bears were known to rip off the roof of your car like a sardine can if they smelled something tasty in there.  So we even combed the floor of the car picking up tiny pieces of potato chips and other road trip debris making sure there was nothing in our car.    We were very nervous about sleeping in Travis’ 1-person tent.  We thought we heard a bear at one point but it was just our neighbor snoring.  In the morning, we climbed out of the tent and Travis discovered that he had a pocket full of chocolate that he had forgotten and that he had this chocolate with him in our tent THE WHOLE NIGHT.  He was officially dubbed the trail name “Bear Bait” and we continue to laugh about that story and count our blessings.