Mount Tecumseh

  • Elevation: 4,003 Feet
  • Location: Waterville, NH
  • Date Hiked: 11/28/2017
  • Companions: Stud
  • Trails: Mount Tecumseh Trail

Stud and I bagged Tecumseh on a late November Tuesday morning.  We left town at a leisurely 7AM and were parked at the trail head by 9:30AM.  There was snow on the ground!  My first snow of the season!  We had our micro spikes in our bags but made it to the summit without them.  There were a few sketchy moments climbing up a last steep rocky section.  As soon as we got to the summit I put my spikes on immediately.   It was beautiful and very quiet.  We saw maybe a few hikers on the way up but that was it.   I love how quiet the winter is.  It was definitely cold up top and as we started down the other side of the cone on the little summit loop trail, we became exposed to a fierce wind.  Snow blew all around and my eyes watered and my nose ran.  Our microspikes helped us fly down the mountain.  We were back at the car just 4 hours after starting this hike.  I believe this is the shortest and fastest 4,000 footer we have done.


These are pics are from New Years Day 1/1/2012 with Bear Bait.  We carried our snowboards up Tecumseh Trail to Sossman Trail and took a ride down on a Waterville Valley Ski Slope.  Note my amazing faceplate while crossing the frozen creek.