Mount Willey

  • Elevation: 4,285 Feet
  • Location: Whitefield, NH
  • Dates Hiked: July 2011, May 2017
  • Companions: 
    • Bear Bait and Kael (July 2011)
    • Stud (May 2017)
  • Trails: Kedron Flume Trail, Appalachian Trail, Willey Range Trail
    • Avalon Trail, A-Z Trail, Willey Range Trail

My first hike up Mount Willey was a warm up for the Presidential Traverse which we started the following day.  And what a warm up it was with all those stairs on Kedron Flume Trail!  My knees ache just thinking about it.

Mt Willeywilley stairs.jpg

My second time up Willey was with Stud and we approached from the northern end of that ridge and it was a much mellower elevation gain/loss.  It was also spring time and there was just a little bit of snow left on the trail.  We were able to snag Mount Tom and Mount Filed as well.  More about that hike in this post.