The NH48 stands for New Hampshire Forty-Eight 4,000 footers.

A 4,000 footer is a mountain that has an elevation of at least 4,000 feet and a minimum of 200 feet prominence. All criteria is determined by the Appalachian Mountain Club (AMC).

I’ve been hiking these mountains since 2009 and then in 2013, I went up Mount Cannon with my friend Stud.  Shortly after that we took ourselves on one of the most fun backpacking trips ever in the Pemigewasset Wilderness where we hiked more of these mountains.

In 2016, we set a shared goal of completing the NH48 together.  Initially, we imagined more of a 5-year plan for completion in order to avoid getting peak bag fever.  We didn’t want to rush it or get too caught up in checking off the boxes.  We more wanted to have a shared goal that would lead us on many adventures together wherein we would push ourselves and get to spend some quality time together as we both lead very busy lives.  This goal gave us the chance to stay connected and grow as friends.  The road trips were just as important as the hikes and we often meandered in less direct routes just for the fun of it.  In the end, it took us 2 years because we had so much fun going hiking together.  This is just the beginning.

Stud and I officially completed the list on Tuesday, September 25th, 2018 on a windy dramatic summit of Mount Moriah just before some fierce weather rolled in.  We have since begun slowly chipping away at the New England 67 which includes Vermont & Maine.

Our NH48 Stories:

Mount Adams 5,774
Mount Bond 4,698

Bondcliff 4,265
Mount Bond, West Peak 4,540
Mount Cabot 4,170
Cannon Mountain 4,100
Mount Carrigain 4,700
Carter Dome 4,832
Carter, Middle 4,610
Carter, South 4,430
Mount Eisenhower 4,780
Mount Field 4,340
Mount Flume 4,328
Galehead 4,024
Mount Garfield 4,500
Mount Hale 4,054
Mount Hancock 4,420
 Mount Hancock, South Peak 4,319
Mount Isolation 4,004
Mount Jackson 4,052
Mount Jefferson 5,712
Mount Kinsman, North Peak 4,293
Mount Kinsman, South Peak 4,358
Mount Lafayette 5,260
Mount Liberty 4,459
Mount Lincoln 5,089
Mount Madison 5,367
Mount Monroe 5,384
Mount Moosilauke 4,802
Mount Moriah 4,049
Mount Osceola 4,340
Mount Osceola, East Peak 4,156
Owl’s Head 4,025
Mount Passaconaway 4,043
Mount Pierce [Clinton] 4,310
Mount Tecumseh 4,003
Mount Tom 4,051
Mount Tripyramid, Middle Peak 4,140
Mount Tripyramid, North Peak 4,180
Mount Twin, North Peak 4,761
Mount Twin, South Peak 4,902
Mount Washington 6,288
Mount Waumbek 4,006
Mount Whiteface 4,020
Mount Wildcat 4,422
Mount Wildcat, “D” Peak 4,070
Mount Willey 4,285
Zealand Mountain 4,260

New England 67 Highest:

Katahdin (Baxter Peak): 5,268
Katahdin (Hamlin Peak): 4,756
Sugarloaf Mountain: 4,250
Crocker Mountain: 4,228
Old Speck: 4,170
North Brother: 4,151
Mount Bigelow (West Peak): 4,145
Saddleback Mountain : 4,120
Mount Bigelow (Avery Peak): 4,090
Mount Abraham: 4,050
South Crocker Mountain: 4,050
Saddleback Mountain (the Horn): 4,041
Mount Redington: 4,010
Spaulding Mountain: 4,010

Mount Mansfield: 4,393
Killington Peak: 4,235
Camel’s Hump: 4,083
Mount Ellen: 4,083
Mount Abraham: 4,006