New Hampshire

The Presidential Traverse

2 Day Hike across the Presidential Range (Overnight at Lakes Of The Clouds) 2011

We left our car at Crawford Notch and got a ride to the Appalachian Trailhead at the base of Mount Madison.  We then hiked the 22 miles back to our car over Mt Madison, Mt Adams, Mt Jefferson, Mt Clay, Mt Washington, Mt Monroe, Mt Eisenhower, Mt Pierce, Mt Jackson, Mt Jackson and Mt Webster.  It was epic.

2 Day Hike: Up Webster Cliff Trail (AT), Down Crawford Path (Overnight at Mizpah Hut) October 2015

This was just a few months after Maura swam the English Channel breaking the record for being the oldest Irish person to do it!  This trail had some intense and relentless steep pitched rock scrambles.  We arrived at Mizpah Hut after dark having missed dinner and having hiked for 10 hours.  The staff were incredibly welcoming and had dinner set aside for us.

The Pemigewasset Wilderness

This area has a mountain ridge that forms a big circle.  Known as the “Pemi Loop”, this is a popular hike because you can hike to and from your car without backtracking.  If you don’t have time to do the entire loop, there is a trail that cuts up thru the middle of the loop called the Franconia Brook Trail.  I hiked the Pemigewasset Loop in 2 “Semi Pemi” sections using this valley trail to hike in and camping at the backcountry campsites located on the sides of the mountains along the way.  These campsites are maintained by the Appalachian Mountain Club and for a small fee you get the luxury storing your food in a bear box, a level tent platform allowing you to camp on a steep pitch and a well churned composting outhouse.  The “Croo” that staff these campsites are always really friendly.

3 Day “Semi Pemi” Loop Counterclockwise over Mt Lafayette 2013
3 Day “Semi Pemi” Loop Clockwise over Mt Bond and the Bondcliffs 2015